Thanks for visiting my website! The Carving Corner is a sole proprietorship, focused on providing a quality product and customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. 
I operate The Carving Corner in Leesburg, Florida, as a one man shop, located in my garage. I've been a wood worker since 1965 and a scroll sawyer since 1997. I produce intricate scroll saw artwork of wildlife and domestic animals, ranging from North and South American birds, fish and mammals to African and other exotic wildlife. I have also created whimsical works such as dragons and unicorns. 
I designed trophies for the Delaware Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation Turkey Calling Championship, the Zone II Sporting Clays Championship, Hole-in-One and other awards for various golf courses, and commemorative plaques (see Drew Davis plaque below).
I develop and produce a large variety of basket bases, decorations and lids for local basketry teachers and basket weaving groups. These are scrollsawn in a wide range of patterns of wildlife, pets, scenes and geometric shapes. They can be drilled or slotted to accept the basket materials. I maintain a large inventory of basketry items. Basket bottoms can also be cut by special order per customer requirements (i.e. shape, size, motif and finish). I am always looking for new ideas to develop patterns. Please feel free to suggest your ideas to me. 
I work in a variety of woods, both rustic and finished, and also in other media. Completed items are treated with various stains, dyes and finishes. I also do acrylic and airbrush artwork. 
I have painted a number of pets, such as the Bichon on the Specialties Page alongside the finished painting. If you have a favorite picture of a pet, I can make it come to life on wood. The finished product will be a ONE OF A KIND KEEPSAKE!
Please note: Some designs cannot be exactly duplicated, due to the same type or shape of wood slab being unavailable. Every effort will be made to recreate the same effect as illustrated.
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